My Gratitude List – 2020

So you all know that I am a follower of Jesus also known as a Christian. My Christian journey is often like that of the prodigal son – often ungrateful and self serving and sometimes like Oliver Twist – always asking for more.

This post is my ongoing attempt to chronicle/count my blessings (highlights only) before I get into the infinite needs that I have. 2020 was a difficult year for many but I have chronicled my little victories and triumphs that occurred throughout the year.

  1. January – wrote my Canadian citizenship test. I have been super eager to shed my Nigerian passport. But getting to this milestone in my immigration journey really made me so grateful.
  2. February – My sleep has been on point. So I had been having really bad insomnia and prescription medicine were not helping ( my brain was just on constant steroids and couldn’t wind down) but since January I have been sleeping the sleep of the righteous. Thank you Jesus.
  3. March – Thank God I get to work from home. I work for a public organization which means they are not the quickest to innovate. And with the whole pandemic unfolding, I was worried that they wouldn’t let us work from home. But that was not the case. I get to work in my PJs, how fancy.
  4. April – I lived April being paranoid. Is that cough corona??? Did that human just clear their throat??. I am grateful that I am healthy. No preexisting conditions and I am young (uh,uh… relatively young 😉
  5. May – I was supposed to be in Miami with my two sisters, celebrating my younger sisters b-day but we are all in separate countries, with our respective borders closed. But I am grateful that we are healthy.
  6. June – I don’t know exactly when, but my citizenship application status changes online. It was a small change, an update from “in process” to decision made”. But this change made me so ecstatic that I called all my friends who knew I was on that journey to tell them. Little things do have the potential to bring us great happiness.
  7. July – I had 2 amazing local trips. I had been super paranoid about going out, but I survived both my 3 days in Banff trip and my day in Jasper. Check out the posts to see how much fun I had. Plus, this is also my sisters B-day month so that was great.
  8. August – I got invited to my citizenship oath ceremony.. YAYYYYY and I started a YouTube channel.
  9. September – I became a Canadian citizen.. Thank you Lord JESUS 🙂
  10. October – I got my first Canadian Passport.. Yayyyy
  11. November – An investment of mine paid dividends.
  12. December – I made a life changing decision…

Let’s have a phenomenal new year (2021) year to make up for the lows of 2020.

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