Finding and developing a new hobby – Photography

So i’m going to be officially past mid thirties in a few days. Just that thought sent me into re evaluating my life. I started thinking about where I was in life, if I was happy and what more I desired.

I realized that in the last few years, I had been so focused on getting a better job year after year, that I had all but neglected other aspects of my life and mental health. My days were filled with professional developments, myriad trainings and webinars, reading, reaching to people on Linkedin to build my professional network. I was so inundated with ONLY work life that when I looked back on my life, even the successes I had made in my career became hollow because it came at the expense of so many other life needs.

How was I going to fix that? I looked to social media and I got so discouraged, people on there seemed as if they were born successful and had cracked the secret to balancing life and career. A ton of them looked like they had never suffered my unique struggles. I of course know thats not the true state of things, so I didn’t get much out of social media except….

A hobby

So in the midst of settling in a new cold country, I had become a hermit, I had no particular hobbies, it was a rat race for me- work, home, work home,.. rinse and repeat.

After poring through Instagram, I found myself fascinated by the beautiful pictures, not just those of people enabled and perfected by presets and carefully designed colour saturations, but more the beauty of the world we live in. I could’t help staring hours after hours of places that exist in this world that were just so surreal. Places I had never heard of nor dreamed ever existed. More so, I was amazed at the ability those pictures had to evoke that emotion in me (Now, I am not an artsy person at all and I hardly even stop to appreciate photographs) but that has all changed.

I am enthralled by photography and the gift it endows. Where I once only knew a season had changed by the chill in the air, and my existence only seemed to be validated every morning when I swiped my employee card at work, I now take note of how the trees on my path home have become yellow to indicate fall, how the yellow dead leaves are shed and they line my way, though dead, they point to regeneration and the ability to adapt to a new season.

Self portrait taken using a remote (my phone)

So yes, I have started a new hobby, one that has opened my eyes to many things, both the inevitability of the mundane, but also the uniqueness of life and light. And the fact that there is more to life than my Job.

Now, I still know nothing about photography, but I am on a journey. A journey to discover myself through photography, my new hobby.

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