Things to do on Revelstoke, BC

My 2020 vacation was officially on. Although Corona had tried with all its might to get me to stay home, closeted and afraid, I was finally going to another province and city for a good 10 days.

This next blog series will be about my fantastic vacation in British Columbia. First stop – Revelstoke.

My friend and I had left Edmonton around 5 pm on Friday. We made the long drive to Lake Louise (about 5 hours) and spent the night at the Hi Alpine hostel. Early the next morning, we headed to our first stop in BC – Revel stoke.

So the drive from Lake Louise, Alberta to Revelstoke is about 2 hours 30 mins, but we stopped at a little town called Golden for some snacks and gas.

Kicking Horse River

We also stopped at a little nice attraction – the kicking horse river which gave us an opportunity to stretch our legs while taking in a very nice scenery.

Kicking horse river


  • Giant cedars boardwalk – We did the giant mountain boardwalk which was a nice stroll on flat ground. It took about 10 mins, not counting the picture time.
  • Bear creek falls – I love waterfalls and thats no secret. We visited the bear creek falls and we could almost get to the tale end of the falls. It was magnificent. I did a little video about the falls that you can check out on Youtube.

We got to Revel stoke about 4 hours later and headed straight for the pipe mountain roller coaster. Apparently it was the dream of my friend to go roller coasting on constructed pipes and forest foliage 😐 (I am definitely not about that life… I hate roller coasters), so I was quite glad when they turned us back saying they were sold out until the next week or so. Yayyyy for the haters (aka

We took off to the Sandman hotel to check into our room, drop our bags and grab a bite to eat (we also grilled some turkey and cooked some rice for the trip.. budget travelers ;).

After settling in, we decided to go chase sunsets at a nearby lake and that is how we beheld Lake Revelstoke in all its glory.

Such a beautiful pristine lake. There were folks camping close by and they were super friendly too. A lady came by to chat with us and even offered to take a few snapshots of us. We also asked a nice gentleman for his chair (in the lake) so we can go and take pictures. He happily obliged… such niceness in the time of COVID (I would have been like…. I don’t know you, don’t touch my stuff and don’t give me COVID), but I’m thankful I didn’t meet myself.

RevelStoke Railway Museum

The next morning, we stopped at the Revelstoke railway museum to check out the old trains and that was quite the experience.

Meadows in the Sky

We stopped at the meadows in the sky parkway and hiked up for about 25 mins to go see the absolutely beautiful landscape of lake Revelstoke

Day 1 was great on to our next destination – Kelowna.

Have you been to Revelstoke? What is your favorite place to visit in Revelstoke?

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