7 Things that indicated my love for cooking

One question that inevitably finds it way to my conversations with potential mates (guys) is “do you like to cook?”

For some, this would be a straightforward answer, either Yes or No. But for me, it’s a little complicated, or at least I make it out to be. You see, I grew up the first of 5 children, and part of growing up as African meant that as female, I was cast predominately in the role of a cook. As far back as I can remember (about 7-8 yrs old) I was already making basic dishes for my family or at least for my siblings that I was in charge of. This position inevitably led to badly cooked and often burnt dishes which made my mom a little upset.

My answer to that question used to be “No, I do not like to cook but I cook often”. But these days, after living alone for the last 10 years, I have come to realize that I do like to cook and it’s no longer an obligation. This is how I got to discover my “like” for cooking.

  1. My kitchenware – While some friends are browsing the newest Chanel designs, I am poring over Le Creuset cast iron cookware. I am even gradually collecting pieces as they are so expensive to buy all at once.
  2. I invest in good pieces pots and pans which rival the traditional earthenware flavors that I’m used to (Firewood Jollof rice fans stand up !!). Funny story, A friend of mine was going to come by and inherit some things from my place since I was moving to another country, but she got a shock when I told her I was taking my pots and pans with me.
  3. When I am super bored, I browse foreign recipes and watch cooking videos for a long time. Others would probably spend that time on Instagram
  4. I try new recipes that are super foreign to me, I haven’t even had them in a restaurant. My latest was macarons and they turned out almost perfect.
  5. I do not eat out much. And since I have to eat, that basically means I am cooking very often 🙂
  6. I love to entertain. I am not one for a revolving door of house parties, but I love roasting a turkey during the holidays and inviting friends like me (with no family in the area) to come over and celebrate. Other times, I enjoy having people stop over and grab a take away when I have made a particularly large batch of something.
  7. I like kitchen equipment – blenders, juicers, smoothie makers, food processors, mixers (it is insane that there are so many similar use equipment) but yes, I have got them all.

I have decided to stop lying to myself and acknowledge the fact that I like to cook. Which is not such a bad thing when I remember the saying:

the way to a mans heart is through his stomach

except the men these days don’t seem to have stomachs or hearts or dare I say both… Lol. I haven’t cooked for a romantic interest though, so maybe I should add that to my arsenal.

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