How to spend a rainy day in Manchester, Vermont.

Everyone knows that Vermont is absolutely stunning in the fall. if you don’t agree, just do a search on google or Instagram about Vermont. You will be inundated by luscious grrens, picturesque houses, beautiful leaves. Everyone (including you after you search) would agree that Vermont is beau–uu–tiful.

Since I was going to be in Albany, NY for the Christmas holidays, I decided to visit Manchester, Vermont which is only an hour away to get my much needed dose of nature (remember I had experienced the concrete jungle that was Times Square a few days ago).

I had checked the weather conditions a couple of days before making the drive to Manchester and it predicted snow showers, I was excited because, while not on the same level with fall, winter in Vermont looked a little bit like what I expect heaven to be like – beautiful with the streets lined with gold in place of snow (you can just tell that I must make heaven, even if I have to limp in there).

Armed with my travel tools (phone, tripod) and fantasies of perfect Instagram-able pictures, I left Albany. Since the forecast had predicted snow in Vermont, the rain in Albany did not deter me. I connected my Spotify to the car player and was soon on the way singing along with one of my favorite artist – Zach brown band. I kept waiting for the rain to abate and give way to the beautiful “dry” snow. But the showers continued even as I got to Vermont.

The drive was very scenic, even with fall gone, there were still browning leaves, and the slopping single lane highway that had featured in many pictures. It was a short and foggy drive and I got to Manchester in time for brunch.

Parking is free everywhere in Manchester. Just make sure you are not taking a handicap spot. So you can just leave your car and mosey around the neighborhood looking for things to do in Manchester, Vermont.

North shire bookshop

Right in the middle of the town center, you will find the North shire bookshop. Originally an inn, this is not your usual bookstore, this bookstore was designed to enhance your book buying experience and make you pass hours browsing not just books but local crafts, foods, jewelry and even clothes. All artfully placed around the books. The store has the Spinal press cafe located in the same building where you can have brunch, coffee or some treats while you peruse your latest book.

I ended up spending a few hours, nose stuck in a book while the rain continued outside.


Once the rain settled into a drizzle I went out for a stroll. For such a small city, Manchester has so many designer stores and factory outlet stores (I love a good bargain) all spread around the city center. I leisurely walked into a Theory shop, checked a few items I thought were nice, and then checked the price tag. Whoops!!! (you know the saying, if you have to ask how much it is, then you cannot afford it). I quickly respected my self and my wallet/bank account and left the shop. Not about to spend my January salary on one blouse. But, looking and touching is free, so go ahead and indulge 😉

I got a nice dress from Calvin Klein and a wallet from Kate Spade for a steal and discovered that there is no tax on shopping in Vermont.


I stopped by the visitor center to ask about easy hikes within the town center and I got a map with suggestions on what hikes to go on, but I abandoned that thought with the incessant drizzle that was still ongoing. I came across this little scenic look out just at the center.

Due to how misty and fogging it was on my drive into town, I decided to leave early. I left Manchester around 5pm and no sooner had I started driving, I kept fiddling with my traffic lights. I was convinced they were not working as I couldn’t see a thing (and I like to believe I have 20-20 vision so the problem was not my eyesight). But the problem were not my headlights but the fog. It was SO FOGGY. I was probably driving 15mph on a 55mph lane. Luckily, some guy overtook me and I used his taillights as my navigator all the way to New York.

All in all, it was a relaxing day but I have to do it over when there is better weather (fall) when I can actually experience more of the beauty that is Manchester, Vermont.

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