My 4 days in Mexico City

I briefly began to toy with the idea of writing a blog when I tried to remember my trip to Mexico in 2018 and I couldn’t. Luckily I had some pictures to show for the trip, but the essence of the trip, the people, culture were all somehow lost in the billions of cells in my brain.

Mexico is known for nice beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Almost every long weekend, someone I know is jaunting off to Mexico. It is the default travel gateway destination for Canadians. I too decided to visit.. after all there must be a reason everyone went there.

I flew into Mexico City with West jet and it was about a 4 hr flight. My basic itinerary was to meet up with a friend, spend a couple of nights in the City itself and then go to the closest beach town which was Acapulco.

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My friend and I took the rail from the airport into the city and it was just like the Tube in London (so I was pretty comfortable with that), and it was affordable as well about $1. After dropping our bags at the Airbnb, we grabbed a bite to eat and then went in search of some fun.

We went to a salsa club for free lessons and an evening of dancing where we also met other tourists from different parts of the world. Now, a little bit about my dancing, I believe I can dance 😐 (and I dare you to argue that) just give me hip pop or something that doesn’t depend on someone else leading me. I had been to salsa lessons before and I know I have trouble following sexily… But this class was so good that I was following without knowing. It might have also been that the Spanish partners I had knew their stuff.

I was lucky to visit during the Cinco de Mayo celebration which is an annual celebration held on May 5. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862. So people were decked and there were lots of activities and dances to watch.

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I probably do not need to tell you, but the food was on another level. Even though I am not a foodie and I eat to live, the food was great, flavorful, spicy and much more. It was not unusual to see long lineups for a certain restaurant.. and I just quietly joined the lines despite one of my creeds – Never stand in a “long” line for food or a club. We now know that the food part is gone.

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Long queue waiting for those inside to finish their meals

Mexico City was a lesson in culture from the Alameda Central, to the Correos de México (post office), Centero-Área 1, Palacio de Iturbide, Museum of Fine Arts, Torre Latinoamericana and more. After walking around, I rewarded myself with some ridiculously sweet churros and hot chocolate from Churreía El Moro (argued to be the best churro place in Mexico).

We got on an ADO bus from the North Terminal station to Acapulco and the trip took about 5 hours and cost about $40. Our Airbnb was right next to the beach so we had a good time just relaxing.

Even though I spoke zero Spanish, I found the Mexicans so helpful and friendly. I actually got lost on one day and had a young helpful guy on the train try so hard given his nonexistent command of English to set me on the right path. And his hand gestures and Spanish conveyed the message eventually.

Lesson learned – We do not have to know each other, speak the same language or with the same accent to connect with each other and help each other. We just need to have a heart and a willingness to help.

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