The San-Antonio Life

As I was leaving Austin to San Antonio, I was filled with excitement as my San Antonio itinerary promised to be so exciting. Driving down the highway with Bon Jovi singing “its my life”, I was glad I was on this trip.

Wildseed Farms

Halfway or so I made a detour to Wildseed farms… this is the place to come to if you like beautiful things, flowers, mini waterfalls and more…

San Antonio felt very leisurely paced compared to the bustle of Austin. I headed straight downtown enjoy the night (speaking like a lady of the night).

The Riverwalk

My first stop was to the Riverwalk… and my oh my… For this little stretch of lights, food, water, cruises, diversity… I could live here. Felt a little like Europe with Mexican cuisine.


One of the historical sites in San Antonio is the ALAMO. I love history (even if I forget it 2 days later), but the Alamo really spoke to me. It is amazing how people readily die for what they believe in (Slang – I can’t come and kill myself). The mantras “Remember the Alamo” and “Lest we forget” are embedded in the very culture of San Antonians.

Japanese Tea Gardens

I stopped at the Japanese Tea Gardens for a brief (3 hour walk).. this tea garden had it all from cute, colourful blood thirsty fish to luscious greens and waterfalls. I loved it.

The Pearl District.

The pearl district was magical… its amazing how it transformed from a brewery that was run down during the prohibition to the most sought after neighbourhood in San Antonio. My free tour guide pointed out a $15,000 a month condo :|. The lesson I learnt is “just buy land… one day it will appreciate in value”.

San Antonio was definitely the highlight of my trip.

“I can’t come and kill myself” – This is a common slang used by some Nigerians to excuse their lack of patriotism, indolence/laziness. Seeing die hard patriots is still an oddity to me. The natural human instinct is self preservation and I am best buds with that instinct.

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