Exploring Texas – Austin

In keeping with my promise to intentionally start to live life and not to just focus on work, work and more work. I decided to take a trip… all by myself. This trip was to get me back into the groove of travelling alone and regain my love for my personal time and space.

I landed Dallas in the evening and took a shuttle to grab my rental car, checked into my hotel and got ready to launch into my trip.

Texas is known as wine country and I must have passed by at least 30 wineries on the way to Austin. After being tempted beyond reason I pulled into the Flat Creek Winery. The guy at the wine room was a super adorable grandpa..


My first stop was Austin, Texas. Austin is know for its eclectic culture. Whatever floats your boat, you can find in Austin. It certainly did not disappoint when it came to food, live music and street music.

My airbnb was close to the University of Texas, Austin and I took a walk to the Campus. I pretty much got lost in the sea of young people.. coming or going to classes. It gave me a brief trip to memories of myself in University.

Some pictures of me reliving my university days…

Austin is known for many things, top of which include “Dirty Sixth” street with its variety of bars and restaurants. Even though I was in Austin on a Monday, the bars were all at capacity. I took a long leisurely walk though Congress Avenue and enjoyed some tacos and live music. I didn’t get the chance to see the bats but hopefully next time.

Austin is also known for its murals and while I applaud the artists…. I was expecting more :|(coming from someone without an artsy bone).

I went to the Texas Capitol Building which was nice especially as they had erected a monument to the blacks who also fought for emancipation.

On to my next city .. San Antonio

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