A day in Galveston

I had a couple of days to spend in Houston so I took a day to go visit Galveston. Galveston used to be the capital of the Republic of Texas in the 1800s. And this little Island located on the Gulf of Mexico played a crucial role in the American civil war.

It used to be quite the commercial hub with a lot of imports and export activity. These days, a good number of cruises dock and depart from there. It is now aptly known as the Pleasure Pier.

Stopped for dinner at Bubbas

and then I went in search of palm trees…

Galveston was short and sweet… I would visit again and go exploring some more.

Galveston seems to have been a City of “firsts” in Texas. Check out some random facts about Galveston.

  • Galveston was once a leading port in Texas – By 1899, Galveston was the world’s foremost cotton port and the fifth most important port in the United States.
  • Condensed milk was invented there by Gail Borden a customs inspector. Thank you Gail
  • Irish Christopher Fox opened a bakery in Galveston in 1838. It was the first bakery in the State of Texas. 
  • Galveston was the first city in Texas with lights.
  • Galveston is home to the oldest medical college, now University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB).
  • Galveston is home to Texas’ first opera house.
  • The first telephone in Texas was installed in Galveston in 1878. It was installed in the office of Colonel Belo, founder of the Galveston Daily News, the oldest surviving newspaper in Texas, founded in 1842
  • And in second place prior to the 1900 Storm, Galveston was the 2nd richest city in US.

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