Immigration Journey

I am a fan of immigration. I have moved countries a few times for various reasons and I love being able to experience a new country and culture. 

I am Nigerian by birth and I also spent a huge chunk of my formative years back in Nigeria. As a child, our frequent “vacation” destinations were to the village (a smaller city or community) where my grandparents resided. 

It wasn’t until my 18th year, that I had the opportunity to actually have an out of country vacation. The year was 2003 and I was ecstatic. Our destination was New York. I took in the sights, smells, people, dirt 😐 I soaked every thing in. There and then I discovered my love for exploring the unknown. It was reminiscent of Eddie Murphy’s “good morning America” without the money aka moolah.

Fast forward to a few years when I was looking for a university to do my masters program. The possibilities seemed endless. I got accepted into university in the UK and that marked my first migration.

While in the UK, I got the opportunity to visit a few neighbouring countries – France, Italy, Amsterdam, Turkey… it was a dream come through.

Fast forward again, I had bagged an MBA (smart alec/brainac, efiko) and my time in the UK had come to an end. They had no visa/immigration category for me. From the UK home office’s perspective, you came for school, now you are done so go back *tears*. I went back to Nigeria and it quickly became apparent that this lifestyle, thirst for life that I had experienced in the UK, I did not want it to end. 

I started researching permanent immigration options and that lead me to O Canada. My journey to being a permanent resident of Canada wasn’t so straightforward but I persisted. 

My point is immigration is great, you become more than what you where through the exposure you get.

Helpful Links if you are thinking of moving.

Government of Canada Immigration Page This is all you really need, all the information is right here

Immigration Blog – CIC News for updates on immigration matters

A super helpful forum/chat room for questions and answers – Canadavisa

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